Favorite Birthday

So I am a little late on this one but on Friday one of my favorite people in the world had a birthday:

Yep that’s Kristen:)  If you read my blog at all you know she is a pretty important person in my life…a.k.a. one of my oldest and best friends:)  We have been friends since we were 12 which has been a long long time – as we are getting older I am going to start leaving out our real ages.  On Friday she had a birthday and while I wish I could have been there with her we got a nice chat and hopefully she received my kick butt card:)  Kristen is one of the best people in my life.  I always know she is there for me and being in her wedding and celebrating her and Luke was by far one of my favorite days of my life.  She has stood by me, listened to me complain about my crazy charter school job, ran a marathon way faster than she wanted with me, stayed on the phone for hours with me, and made me laugh for hours, oh and she laughs at all my stories, which if you know me at all you know I have a lot.  I appreciate that she is type A like me and understands how nerotic I can be and relates to me.  Here’s to hoping Luke and her come and visit us this summer… and Kristen I am still holding out on our kids having a joint birthday party like us, and opening a running store together:)  Hey a girl can dream:)

Love you K-10!!!!!

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