Suprising Tuesday

This morning I woke up to the alarm I set for Dave…..who was not feeling well at all.  He has been fighting a head cold and decided to take the day off sick and rest up.  I woke up and went for another 11 mile run and then came back and promptly showered and then rested with Dave until early afternoon.  Dave was feeling a little better so we decided to venture out and get some Vietnamese food.  We found a deal online that said if you used Groupon Now for the first time you got $10 for free.  The groupon we got was $10 for $15 so we got it for free.  The best part was the name of the restaurant:

I know awesome name right?  The food was really good though and I had sauteed lemon grass tofu rice noodle bowl and Dave had the special noodle bowl with grilled pork, shrimp, and rice noodles.  Both were great although prices were a little steep so I am guessing we won’t go there again unless we have a coupon.  We didn’t really feel like going home so I suckered Dave into going to Food Fight Grocery which is a vegan grocery store.  Why did I want to go there?  Because they sell these:

Yep those are not meat deli slices but vegetarian slices.  We got the Wild Mushroom an earthy combination of Shitake, Champignon and Porcini mushrooms accented with imported balsamic vinegar.  I cannot wait to make some subs.  Usually I don’t like fake meat things because they are actually not made with the best ingredients but this company is pretty awesome.  Check out the Field Roastwebsite.  We also had the Italian Sausages made with fresh eggplant and packed with fennel, red wine, garlic and sweet peppers on Sunday night.  They were awesome.  This bumper sticker was at the register:

Awesome right.  From there we went to Sweetpea Baking which is down the street from Food Fight and is a vegan bakery.  We got Chai Teas and talked.  Lastly Dave and I ventured over to Hawthorne and walked the street and scored an awesome deal of a pack of 10 Pyrex for only $12.95 – 50% off.  Now we are relaxing and resting after our afternoon getting ready for subs and watching Super 8 and Bridesmaids:)  Dave has 1 more day of work left this week and then he off until next Tuesday:)  Have a great Tuesday.


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