A Twist on Garlic Cheese Bread

This morning I had a great 6 mile run and then did an hour of strength training which included arms, legs, and abs.  It was so nice not to break this up as I usually do this workout on Wednesdays but due to time I run in the morning and do the strength training in the afternoon.  I also finished all of my Christmas cards addressing and mailing them.  Once that was completed I decided to take a little trip to the mall.  I usually go to the one downtown as their Forever 21 is 2 floors and their H & M is 3 floors but I decided to go to a different one that had an Express which I had a gift card for.  I picked up this lovely infinity scarf:

I got the scarf in ivory and best part was that I had a gift card so normally I wouldn’t by myself something like this even though I have been wanting one of these for awhile.  Express has pricey scarfs but they are adorable and worth it.  Next I went over to Target with another gift card…the joy of my birthday being a week before Christmas:)  I was able to get these awesome capris:

I also got a pair of yoga pants.  Target has pretty amazing workout gear that is similar in quality to Nike but a whole lot cheaper.  I came home and had several thoughts on what to make for dinner but none sounded just right.  I spent awhile searching websites and looking on Pinterest and didn’t find much I wanted but did find some great Christmas recipes.  I settled on brown rice pasta with pesto sauce from Trader Joe’s and mushrooms, peppers, and onions on top.  I then added some fresh Parmesan cheese:)  It was really really good.  I usually like to make my own sauces and have even made my own pesto sauce but Trader Joe’s is pretty good to homemade.  I wanted some garlic bread but wanted something different so I went on Sabra’s Ambassador’s website.  They had a recipe for Garlic bread that used garlic hummus instead of butter.  Here is what I did: I used fresh bread from Trader Joes and cut up some pieces.  I put on the garlic hummus and some Parmesan cheese.  The recipe is below but wow was it good.

Dave and I are just relaxing and thinking of painting our upstairs landing tomorrow.  Somehow the white paint is now a purplish shade…..yeah it needs to go:)

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