Christmas Eve

Happy Christmas Eve:)  The last two days have been so nice and relaxing with Dave off of work.  On Thursday I woke up early and ran 11 miles.  One thing I love about being off is how much I get to run.  I think I might even have a marathon I want to do in June.  It’s the Newport Marathon and is on the ocean…pretty amazing.  Here is the picture for it:

Awesome right?  Normally I try and do at least 1 marathon a year but I figure I am not getting any younger so I might as well utilize my abilities now:)  Plus this one looks amazing and Runners World raved about how it was a great place to PR.  I was so close to breaking 3:10 this last time so I would love to give it one more time.  Anyways on Thursday after I ran Dave’s birthday gift came in.  He wanted a longboard which for those of you who don’t know it’s a long skateboard kind of similar to a surfboard.

The weather has been amazing in Portland no rain which is unheard of, sunny and high 40’s.  We went out to lunch for Thai food, went hiking at a park and then decided to try out the long board at a marina on the river in south west Portland.

I know he is so hot.  I have a video I posted online on facebook so if you follow me feel free to watch it:)  Just remember Dave is playing the part of a “hard” skateboarder:)  We had so much fun messing around and I even got up on it which is a feat considering how clumsy I am.  Next we decide to go to Cascade Brewing.  They brew in barrels and make sour beers.  I had no idea what this was but basically I can describe it as beer that tastes like a whisky sour without the whiskey.  It was so good.  I guess our best friend Andrew loves this stuff.  Andrew and Dave have been friends since elementary school and went to college together as well.  I met Dave in college and Andrew met his wife Andrea at the same place.  The four of us hung out a lot during college and even got married 3 months apart.  We miss them a lot but still manage to stay in touch hence the sour beer conversation.  Picture this both of us on our phones g-chatting with Andrew and Andrea:)  The beer was amazing and we each got a tasting flight.

Mine was on the right and I had a blueberry, apricot, cranberry, and something called the night crawler or something.  All were amazing.  Yesterday was spent in similar fashion with Dave getting stuff for us to paint the railings upstairs and me running another 11-miler.  Today we are going to Christmas Eve church, then skyping with my family.  While I am especially sad that we can’t be with our families they are amazing and both set it up so we can skype and open presents together.  I will try and take some pictures but tonight it’s my parents and tomorrow it’s Dave’s mom.  We hope everyone has a great Christmas with their families and friends and a special congrats to Danny and Jazi who just got engaged today!

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