Thursday Thoughts

Today was one of those days where it was a pretty normal day.  I went for a run, did yoga/pilates, and then some strength training.  I found my yoga/pilates video on netflix and it’s pretty awesome.  It’s very relaxing but an amazing ab workout.  I love the stretching too which is something I am terrible at doing.  They have a 10 minute one as well that I am hoping to do every day when I come home from work simply as a way to stretch out my muscles.  The videos I am doing are workouts not a typical yoga meditation video if that’s what you are looking for.  After that I decided to tackle our house.  I put away all of our Christmas decorations which I now have a place to store.  I then cleaned up the house.  After some veggie wraps I tackled lesson planning.  I wasn’t looking forward to doing any school work but it went by fast and I am excited for my lessons for the next month.  Crazy that the semester is almost done.  I decided I was going to make lasagna for dinner.  I love lasagna as long as it is vegetarian and has bechamel sauce or some form of it.  After getting rid of a lot of acidic food in our diets because of Dave’s acid reflex when I have highly acidic food I get pretty bad acid reflex so I try to avoid it.  I made a recipe that I really like from Emeril on Food Network.  It’s called Spinach, Mushroom, and Four Cheese Lasagna.  My only problem with lasagna is the time it takes.  I would say this one is a a medium on the time scale but it still took at least 40 minutes to make everything.  I also do a half soy creamer/half soy milk mix and I cut the recipe in half.  I only use mozzarella cheese as well.

This is from the website so mine will obviously look better:)  Bonus of waiting for the lasagna to cook – getting all of my dishes done and enjoying a glass of wine.  Not bad for a day of not working.  Other bonus of my day reading on Skinny Runner’s Blog a sale for Mizuno running shoes.  I am normally a Brooks shoe girl but I cannot find them for under $80.  That may not be much for some but I go through a lot of shoes a year so I try and find them for under $60 and by them in pairs, something I neglected to do this last time.  I wanted to try a new pair and thanks to the Runners World Shoe Finder the pair I got was a recommendation for me.  Thanks to the amazing sale which was $40 off a pair of shoes I got two pairs.  Pretty pumped to see them on Wednesday and for the fact that I paid nothing for shipping or tax:)  Happy Thursday!

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2 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. that lasagna looks amazing. i may have to add it to my culinary repertoire (which, if i’m honest, isn’t to expansive!).

    i love finding great deals on shoes. i’m sure you guys have REI stores around you. you should look into joining ($20 for a lifetime membership) and then hit up a garage sale, which is members-only. i got two pairs of vibram fivefingers which would normally be $250 for $27! i know they sell brooks, so it may be worth looking into.

    • The lasagna is awesome – I have made it before and it’s pretty easy. We are members of REI and I have gone to a members only sale but I will definitely looking hitting up a garage sale there – I love great deals on shoes and definitely would like to get some vibram shoes. By the way I just requested Born to Run from the library and cannot wait to read it.

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