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This past Monday Dave and I both had the day off.  I get a lot of holidays off but Dave usually gets the same ones off due to working for the bank – got to love that:)  We both decided Sunday night that we would go up to Mt. Hood to go skiing.  We have wanted to go skiing for a long time but last year we were both busy with getting our Masters and this year we hadn’t gotten any snow up until last weekend.  Sunday night we made the decision to cross country ski instead of downhill because it was cheaper.  If you follow me on facebook you know this decision was reversed once we got to the mountains:)  Last year Dave and I got a friends and family coupon to go to the employee store for Columbia where we both got new ski coats and snow pants.  I rounded up all of our materials including ski gloves and multiple hats.  We got up at 7 on Monday morning because before we went to the mountains we had to get chains for our tires.  I have always scoffed at chains because I thought hey I have driven in snow storms in the Midwest no big deal.  Let’s just say I am very very glad for chains and now realize that driving a mountain in the snow where nothing is plowed or iced is completely different.  We got on the road after buying our chains and drove for about 40 minutes.  We live about 50 miles from the mountain base which is amazing.  We had to stop and put on chains about 5 miles before Ski Bowl which is where we were skiing.

Our tires with chains.

We continued on our way with our chains and saw some amazing views.

Once we got to the Mt. Hood at Ski Bowl East we saw everyone downhill skiing and immediately changed our minds:)  We are suckers for being in the moment.  We went and rented skies, boots, poles, and then bought some ski goggles.  We were then on our way.  Now let me preface that I have never gone downhill skiing.  Dave has gone once maybe twice a long time ago.  I have gone cross country skiing but this is completely different.  I knew I was in for a rough time but let’s just say I wasn’t quite prepared for how many times I would fall or how much of a total body workout skiing would be.

In the background is the main ski lift and to the right side is ski bowl east.

Overall I had an amazing time.  I fell a lot, I did multiple somersaults which included me not being able to get my skies back on, I was scared of the ski lift, and I ate a lot of snow but it was amazing.  I wanted to stop after an hour but Dave convinced me to go the whole time which was almost 4 and a half hours:)  I felt like I was flying.  Below I have multiple pictures of us and a movie of me:)  Let’s just say Dave was an amazing skiier although I expected no less.  It was an awesome time and I can’t wait to go again sometime soon.

Me and my goggles:)

Dave and I on the ski lift

Dave on the ski lift

The position I spent half my time down the hill

Overall what a great trip.  We made it home despite driving through a snowstorm on the mountains – so thankful for those chains:)  I was sore for awhile but I am good now.  Awesome day, awesome beauty that God has created….couldn’t ask for a better MLK Day:)

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US Marathon Time Trials

Wow is all I can say.  What a great time trials.  I woke up bright and early to watch the time trials.  When I say watch I have to say that I had to watch the live updates on twitter.  Oh well I have grown to accept that despite the popularity of running it’s still not on national television although I think that NBC is hosting something on Universal just later in the day.  Anyways the race started at around 8:30 CST so I was following twitter at 6:30 PST.  I checked out the first updates and saw that Meb, Dathan, Ryan Hall, and Abdi were in the lead pack.  I knew the first 3 but Abdi was someone I hadn’t read too much on but I have been mostly focusing on the women.  The men’s race was awesome and while I am pretty bummed about Dathan not making the team he is still young and hopefully will be on the rise and injury free in the next four years.  The men finished Meb, Ryan Hall, and Abdi with Dathan in fourth.  Really happy about this especially Meb who some thought was done but he is just getting started in my opinion.  The women’s race was an awesome finish.  I honestly wasn’t sure about Kara and while I though Desiree or Shalane would win I wasn’t sure which one.  When I checked the updates after my run this morning the first I saw was that Kara was falling behind but was safely in third while Desiree and Shalane were neck and neck.  When I got out of the shower the next update I saw was that it was a 3 person race.  The end results were:

Shalane – 2:25:38

Desiree – 2:25:55

Kara – 2:26:06

I am so excited to see the marathon race this summer at the Olympics.    If you want to look at anymore coverage go here.
Happy Saturday!!

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Friday Ramblings

Wow it’s been a week since I last posted….sigh it’s been one of those weeks.  Last week I was beyond exhausted to be starting school and finally got some great sleep this past weekend.  This week has been good including my second to last night teaching night school.  While I enjoy those kids having a 13 hour day on Mondays will be something I am glad to eliminate.  Onto some random notes:

My amazing breakfast:

I have had this the last two mornings and it has rocked my socks off.  I made my own version of overnight oats by doing the following the night before:

1/2 c oatmeal – I used Trader Joe’s which is a little more expensive but organic and fresher

I then poured probably 3 Tbs of keifer – I eyed it and maybe a little more than 1/4c of soymilk. Then I added a Tbs of Chia Seeds.

I mixed it up and then put it to set overnight in the fridge.  This morning I added 2 small scoops of peanut butter.  Wow it was really good.

My School:

I left this morning at 6:30 and it was pitch black outside.  I love when I arrive either by the bus or car and see the sun rising and knowing that I get to work at this school.  It’s not always easy but I can honestly say that I really really enjoy working here.

The Olympic Marathon Trials:

It’s no surprise to anyone that I am obsessed with running.  I just signed up for my 5th marathon and am also obsessed with following my fair share of runners.  I am not ashamed to say that I will be up at 6am tomorrow to follow the live coverage of the trials.  Here are my picks:

Shalane Flanagan – She’s a favorite of mine and got 2nd place at the New York City Marathon in 2010.  She also lives in Portland and trains at Nike

Desiree Davila – She got 2nd place at the Boston Marathon last year and has the fastest American Time.  She trains with the Hanson Running Project and I think she is a bit of an underdog who also got a front page spread in Runners World.

Kara Goucher – I have always been a fan and she also lives in Portland.  Kara had a baby within the last 2 years and has struggled a bit to come back but she did post an awesome PR at the most recent Boston Marathon so I have high hopes.

My Wild Card: Jeannette Faber.  Who is this runner you may ask?  Well Jeannette and I actually went to high school together.  She was a junior when I was a freshman and we always went 1-2 for our team – she was the 1 if you were wondering:)  She had to move away the next year but we still kept in touch through different meets.  I lost touch with her after that but we reconnected through facebook in the last 2 years.  She is an amazing runner who now lives in Portland!  I have run with her a couple of times – a long run I could keep up with speed work not so much:)  Anyways I am so impressed that she is doing this and she is ranked 26th or which is awesome.  I am pulling for a third place finish for her.

Happy Friday everyone.  I will be back with more posts this weekend which I hope is a 3 day weekend for everyone:)

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Well it’s Thursday and I haven’t blogged in about a week…why you may ask?  I have been back at work since Tuesday.  For some reason this past break was extra relaxing and I am having an extra hard time adjusting to working and being with high school students:)  Oh well they are tired as well as indicated by one of my students who told me on Tuesday that he had been up for 23 hours.  It’s been a good week though aside from taking a bit of time for me to adjust to working again:)  The joys of being a teacher.  Some highlights of this week:

Making the following recipes that turned out amazing:

Slow-Cooker Greek Stuffed Peppers

This was awesome only I didn’t use the crock pot.  Instead I put them in the oven at 400 for 30 minutes.  I also added a layer of water to the bottom that covered about a 1/4 inch.  They turned out really great but the only thing I would add is some sort of a tomato sauce with fresh tomatoes and garlic.  I also made this with that dinner:

Black Bean Salad With Corn, Red Peppers, Avocado, and Lime-Cilantro Vinaigrette

I loved this and had it for lunch on Tuesday as well.  Definitely something I will make again only I will use the original recipe values so I can have it all week:)

Last night I made this recipe:

Spicy Bean Burritos

This was a great way for me to make bean burritos with some new spices.  I actually used chipotle spice versus the actual chipotles.  I even used the greek yogurt they suggested.  Dave couldn’t even tell the difference from actual sour cream.  I liked it but I am not a big sour cream fan so I could have done without both of them.  This also made for a great lunch today.

The other thing I have been using this week:

I finally got my running shoes Tuesday night.  I ran my first run on Wednesday and was a little nervous as I haven’t run in any shoes besides Brooks for 5 years well really 12 if you don’t count my free pumas I wore for 6 months 5 years ago but I digress.  I did a shoe finder that runner’s world has and they recommended these based on how I run and how much I run.  I am happy to say that I love them!  I did a 4.4 mile run on Wednesday and an 8.4 run this morning and felt like I was flying.  Great switch and so glad that I bought two pairs.  I am off to go and make veggie pita pockets and mushroom soup and then 1 more day:)

Happy Thursday!

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