US Marathon Time Trials

Wow is all I can say.  What a great time trials.  I woke up bright and early to watch the time trials.  When I say watch I have to say that I had to watch the live updates on twitter.  Oh well I have grown to accept that despite the popularity of running it’s still not on national television although I think that NBC is hosting something on Universal just later in the day.  Anyways the race started at around 8:30 CST so I was following twitter at 6:30 PST.  I checked out the first updates and saw that Meb, Dathan, Ryan Hall, and Abdi were in the lead pack.  I knew the first 3 but Abdi was someone I hadn’t read too much on but I have been mostly focusing on the women.  The men’s race was awesome and while I am pretty bummed about Dathan not making the team he is still young and hopefully will be on the rise and injury free in the next four years.  The men finished Meb, Ryan Hall, and Abdi with Dathan in fourth.  Really happy about this especially Meb who some thought was done but he is just getting started in my opinion.  The women’s race was an awesome finish.  I honestly wasn’t sure about Kara and while I though Desiree or Shalane would win I wasn’t sure which one.  When I checked the updates after my run this morning the first I saw was that Kara was falling behind but was safely in third while Desiree and Shalane were neck and neck.  When I got out of the shower the next update I saw was that it was a 3 person race.  The end results were:

Shalane – 2:25:38

Desiree – 2:25:55

Kara – 2:26:06

I am so excited to see the marathon race this summer at the Olympics.    If you want to look at anymore coverage go here.
Happy Saturday!!

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