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Weekly Update

I meant to write a blog on Wednesday but alas the week got away from me as usual:)  Last Saturday Dave and I decided to celebrate Valentines Day by making risotto which was amazing and Salmon with Creme Fraiche.  The whole meal was amazing and was fun to do.  Dave and I love cooking but don’t often have time for it so it was the perfect Valentine’s Day.  On Sunday we went to church, enjoyed some lunch at Whole Foods, went running together and just enjoyed each other:)  The rest of our week was really busy which concluded with a crazy weekend this weekend of Dave working 16 hours yesterday (Saturday) and all morning today.  Awful I know but the software upgrade worked out pretty good.  I felt pretty bad for everyone as Dave left at 6am yesterday morning and worked until 9 last night which was 11 for most of his co-workers.  They were all up this morning at 7am.  Hopefully everything will go pretty smoothly.  I spent yesterday going for an 11-mile run and then I went downtown for a haircut.  I will post pictures later and while it took a long time – 3 hours worth I love:)  I added some more blond streaks and trimmed my hair as well.  Today I found 2 amazing things at Trader Joe’s.  Here they are:

I love spinach dip but I know it’s not really good for you.  This stuff is amazing.  I honestly use Greek Yogurt as a substitute for a lot of things that ask for sour cream and it’s perfect.  This dip did not disappoint.

Best invention ever – tomato paste in a tube.  How has this not been invented yet????  Amazing.  Off to finish dinner.  I have tomorrow off but I am going to a conference for the tech committee that I am on at school.  I have to say I am pretty excited as I honestly love learning new stuff about technology.  Happy President’s Day!

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Week in Review

Dave and I had a pretty busy week this week.  We got to go to these two’s engagement party:

If you remember Ciara lived with us for about 2 months this past summer/fall and that is her now fiance Ryan who kind of looks a little like Dave:)  We are really excited for them.  We also got to see Dave’s friend Dustin, and his wife and daughter who were visiting Portland from Pennsylvania.  The rest of the week we were busy with work but last night, Friday we got to see Dave’s friend Janis.  Dave met him when he was studying abroad in Lithuania in 2003.  It’s been years since he has seen Janis but Janis was in town on business from Vancouver.  It was great to meet him finally and we had a blast.  We went to dinner at Oven and Shaker.  This restaurant just opened in Portland the past couple of months.  We had been there once before and it did not disappoint.  Wow.  They have amazing appetizers and  great thin crust pizzas.  I randomly saw one of my co-workers Alison.  Great night had by all.

Dave and Janis

This morning I woke up early to do the Virtual Run for Sherry.  If you haven’t followed the news Sherry was a runner from Montana who was a teacher and well loved member of her quiet community.  Three weeks ago she went out running and never returned.  It’s assumed that she has passed and two people have been arrested for her death but all that has been found of her is one of her running shoes.  Today a virtual run was held in her honor all over the United States and today I learned the world.  This story really touched me so when a blogger from the area offered to organize a group run I was down.  I met up CatasTrophy Wife and some other bloggers and we set off to run around the downtown Bridges.  It was really nice to meet some bloggers I follow and run with people as I am usually an alone runner.

  These are the bibs that you could print online

The runners – isn’t that dog amazing.

All in all I got a nice 11 mile run in as I ran down there and back.  I quickly showered and Dave and I went to brunch at City State Diner.  To be honest this was not our first choice but our original Pine Street Biscuits had a line out the door so we tried this place.  It seemed great and I am usually really happy with anywhere I go in Portland but this place was not good.  First our waitress did not know the menu….and asked us questions about it.  Second I ordered the Biscuits and Vegan Gravy with Eggs, and Potatoes.  I got regular gravy.  As a vegetarian this poses a problem and I hate having food wasted so I asked them to check it.  She said they would make me something new but I am 99% sure she just did not right the correct thing down.  It came back lukewarm.  Not to be a complainer but Dave and I were just not very happy especially when they charge $8-$10 for breakfast.  Not on my list of places to go back but I had a great time with Dave and pleasantly laughed the whole brunch.  Off to enjoy the rest of the sun and a lazy Saturday afternoon.

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Happy News

Today I was sitting in my classroom during my in-service grading and planning when I was greeted with amazing news:  My sister-in-law Christie, Dave’s sister, got engaged!!!!!  I am beyond excited for her and her fiance Tom:)

I know they are adorable right?  More importantly I am so excited for them!!!!  Christie and I have known each other for over 9 years…crazy right?  We have always had a special relationship due to both of us growing up with only brothers and being the only girl.  We were instantly drawn to be sisters:)  I love her and my sister-in-law Callie and how we are all very unique yet can enjoy each other no matter the circumstances.  Dave and I are beyond excited for Christie and Tom and this means a visit to the Midwest:)  So to Christie and Tom we wish we could share a toast for you but we will make up for it at the wedding.  Congrats and Tom welcome to the family!!!

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Friday Ramblings

I feel like I have had this post waiting to write for the past two weeks and alas I am just now publishing it.  I would love to be the person who blogs every day but I am not.  The past few weeks I have felt especially unmotivated to blog I think it’s winter.  It’s not cold here it’s just dark….dark when I get up to run, dark when I leave for work, dark when I get home you get the picture.  That combined with rain gets me down.  This week started out differently and we have had weather in the 50’s and SUN!!!!!  I am sitting in my classroom right now, don’t worry I have an in-service, basking in the glorious sun.  It is shinning it’s warm rays on me….loving this.  I am going to share a bunch of photos of what Dave and I have been doing with hopefully more to come.  To say we have been busy has been an understatement – last week I tutored twice and taught my last night of night school and Dave had multiple 6am meetings….this week we were both home by 5 one night glorious:)  Here’s some pictures and we will update soon.

Breakfast this morning – overnight oats in an empty peanut butter jar.  Last night I put in 1/2 c oatmeal, a little bit of pomegrante keifer, soy milk, and chia seeds.  I mixed it up along with the leftover peanut butter and let it sit in the fridge.  It was delicious.  I also made homemade peanut butter granola this week using this recipe.

Leftover soup from dinner last night for lunch today.  Dave and I both brought a container to work and I have 3 in the freezer.  This Spinach Tomato Orzo soup made a lot but was easy and delicious.

Lastly Dave and I have been trying to decorate our house.  We finally moved our living room furniture to our upstairs and have new living room furniture.  I will post that once I get a picture with decent light.  I have been crafting and made the W wreath below.  I am also doing a painting but I am still working on it.  A little trial and error but I will post it once I finish.

To make this I bought a cardboard W and then wrapped it with gray yarn.  The W was a little awkward so I had to hot glue some lines of yarn on.  Then I had some leftover off white felt from a Christmas project.  I cut out three circles.  I then cut around until I had a small hole.  I was able to wrap it up and create the flower.  I glued those on as well.  The bow was the hardest part and I initially made one and then scrapped it.  I actually didn’t tie the bow but instead hot glued two separate pieces.  This will be hanging upstairs so now I am looking to make a wreath for our door.  Looks like a good project for this weekend.  Happy Friday!

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