Friday Ramblings

I feel like I have had this post waiting to write for the past two weeks and alas I am just now publishing it.  I would love to be the person who blogs every day but I am not.  The past few weeks I have felt especially unmotivated to blog I think it’s winter.  It’s not cold here it’s just dark….dark when I get up to run, dark when I leave for work, dark when I get home you get the picture.  That combined with rain gets me down.  This week started out differently and we have had weather in the 50’s and SUN!!!!!  I am sitting in my classroom right now, don’t worry I have an in-service, basking in the glorious sun.  It is shinning it’s warm rays on me….loving this.  I am going to share a bunch of photos of what Dave and I have been doing with hopefully more to come.  To say we have been busy has been an understatement – last week I tutored twice and taught my last night of night school and Dave had multiple 6am meetings….this week we were both home by 5 one night glorious:)  Here’s some pictures and we will update soon.

Breakfast this morning – overnight oats in an empty peanut butter jar.  Last night I put in 1/2 c oatmeal, a little bit of pomegrante keifer, soy milk, and chia seeds.  I mixed it up along with the leftover peanut butter and let it sit in the fridge.  It was delicious.  I also made homemade peanut butter granola this week using this recipe.

Leftover soup from dinner last night for lunch today.  Dave and I both brought a container to work and I have 3 in the freezer.  This Spinach Tomato Orzo soup made a lot but was easy and delicious.

Lastly Dave and I have been trying to decorate our house.  We finally moved our living room furniture to our upstairs and have new living room furniture.  I will post that once I get a picture with decent light.  I have been crafting and made the W wreath below.  I am also doing a painting but I am still working on it.  A little trial and error but I will post it once I finish.

To make this I bought a cardboard W and then wrapped it with gray yarn.  The W was a little awkward so I had to hot glue some lines of yarn on.  Then I had some leftover off white felt from a Christmas project.  I cut out three circles.  I then cut around until I had a small hole.  I was able to wrap it up and create the flower.  I glued those on as well.  The bow was the hardest part and I initially made one and then scrapped it.  I actually didn’t tie the bow but instead hot glued two separate pieces.  This will be hanging upstairs so now I am looking to make a wreath for our door.  Looks like a good project for this weekend.  Happy Friday!

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