Week in Review

Dave and I had a pretty busy week this week.  We got to go to these two’s engagement party:

If you remember Ciara lived with us for about 2 months this past summer/fall and that is her now fiance Ryan who kind of looks a little like Dave:)  We are really excited for them.  We also got to see Dave’s friend Dustin, and his wife and daughter who were visiting Portland from Pennsylvania.  The rest of the week we were busy with work but last night, Friday we got to see Dave’s friend Janis.  Dave met him when he was studying abroad in Lithuania in 2003.  It’s been years since he has seen Janis but Janis was in town on business from Vancouver.  It was great to meet him finally and we had a blast.  We went to dinner at Oven and Shaker.  This restaurant just opened in Portland the past couple of months.  We had been there once before and it did not disappoint.  Wow.  They have amazing appetizers and  great thin crust pizzas.  I randomly saw one of my co-workers Alison.  Great night had by all.

Dave and Janis

This morning I woke up early to do the Virtual Run for Sherry.  If you haven’t followed the news Sherry was a runner from Montana who was a teacher and well loved member of her quiet community.  Three weeks ago she went out running and never returned.  It’s assumed that she has passed and two people have been arrested for her death but all that has been found of her is one of her running shoes.  Today a virtual run was held in her honor all over the United States and today I learned the world.  This story really touched me so when a blogger from the area offered to organize a group run I was down.  I met up CatasTrophy Wife and some other bloggers and we set off to run around the downtown Bridges.  It was really nice to meet some bloggers I follow and run with people as I am usually an alone runner.

  These are the bibs that you could print online

The runners – isn’t that dog amazing.

All in all I got a nice 11 mile run in as I ran down there and back.  I quickly showered and Dave and I went to brunch at City State Diner.  To be honest this was not our first choice but our original Pine Street Biscuits had a line out the door so we tried this place.  It seemed great and I am usually really happy with anywhere I go in Portland but this place was not good.  First our waitress did not know the menu….and asked us questions about it.  Second I ordered the Biscuits and Vegan Gravy with Eggs, and Potatoes.  I got regular gravy.  As a vegetarian this poses a problem and I hate having food wasted so I asked them to check it.  She said they would make me something new but I am 99% sure she just did not right the correct thing down.  It came back lukewarm.  Not to be a complainer but Dave and I were just not very happy especially when they charge $8-$10 for breakfast.  Not on my list of places to go back but I had a great time with Dave and pleasantly laughed the whole brunch.  Off to enjoy the rest of the sun and a lazy Saturday afternoon.

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