Weekly Update

I meant to write a blog on Wednesday but alas the week got away from me as usual:)  Last Saturday Dave and I decided to celebrate Valentines Day by making risotto which was amazing and Salmon with Creme Fraiche.  The whole meal was amazing and was fun to do.  Dave and I love cooking but don’t often have time for it so it was the perfect Valentine’s Day.  On Sunday we went to church, enjoyed some lunch at Whole Foods, went running together and just enjoyed each other:)  The rest of our week was really busy which concluded with a crazy weekend this weekend of Dave working 16 hours yesterday (Saturday) and all morning today.  Awful I know but the software upgrade worked out pretty good.  I felt pretty bad for everyone as Dave left at 6am yesterday morning and worked until 9 last night which was 11 for most of his co-workers.  They were all up this morning at 7am.  Hopefully everything will go pretty smoothly.  I spent yesterday going for an 11-mile run and then I went downtown for a haircut.  I will post pictures later and while it took a long time – 3 hours worth I love:)  I added some more blond streaks and trimmed my hair as well.  Today I found 2 amazing things at Trader Joe’s.  Here they are:

I love spinach dip but I know it’s not really good for you.  This stuff is amazing.  I honestly use Greek Yogurt as a substitute for a lot of things that ask for sour cream and it’s perfect.  This dip did not disappoint.

Best invention ever – tomato paste in a tube.  How has this not been invented yet????  Amazing.  Off to finish dinner.  I have tomorrow off but I am going to a conference for the tech committee that I am on at school.  I have to say I am pretty excited as I honestly love learning new stuff about technology.  Happy President’s Day!

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