I have been terrible at keeping up with my blog lately.  I am determined to remedy that and start posting more.  Let’s start with this past weekend.  Dave and I had an excited Saturday that was spent getting our brakes fixed for 5 hours.  We have only 1 car so we went together at around 9am and attempted to get our brakes fixed.  We decided to stay there since we really didn’t think it would take long.  Let’s just say we were sadly mistaken.  We busied ourselves walking around the strip mall across the street – pretty blah but I got to spend the whole day with the husband who continually makes me laugh all the time:)  We had a lot of laughter.  This past week has been really busy and I have not been feeling well.  Today I woke up bright and early for a run feeling a lot better and was greeted with snow.  Now it does snow in Oregon but Portland is in the valley so if we get snow it’s literally a centimeter and throws people off like crazy because they don’t know what to do about it.  What’s crazy is that if you go up to the hills in Portland the snow will be drastically different because of the different elevations.  We live in Southeast Portland which is at a pretty low elevation but I work in North Portland which is located in a bluff.  As I was driving down the road on the bus I was greeted with such an amazing sight of God’s beauty.  I wasn’t able to capture a picture until later but here it is:

Amazing right?  Those hills are in Forest Park which is an amazing park in the city that is a forest and has hundreds of miles of trails.  I don’t think I will ever get over that beauty.  Oh and to emphasize how little the amount of snow is check out the picture below.

That amount will cause people to put chains on their tires:)  I love it.  Oh and that amount also caused several 2 hour delays for school and all the school buses to be on snow routes.  I love it.

Happy Thursday!!!!  Check back to my blog this weekend.  Dave and I recently got some new art and I am hoping to post some pictures of the art hanging on the wall.

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One thought on “Snow

  1. Sandy Moore

    The forest looks beautiful. God is always showing his beauty in every season. Glad you’re feeling better.

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