Whirlwind Week

This last week and weekend has been crazy for Dave and I.  It all started on Monday morning.  I decided to have some dots – the candy that is nice and gummy and sticky.  It was in the copy room and it was calling my name.  As soon as I put a piece in my mouth I immediately knew there was a problem.  3 years ago I had to have a root canal and a crown was put on my tooth.  Last year it fell off.  The dentist who re-cemented it said that it would come off again because it was made by a faulty dentist.  He was right and it did indeed fall off during my dot eating.  Luckily I knew what to do and I called the same dentist only this time I agreed and got a new crown.  The only problem was I had to have this appointment done Wednesday morning before school because I was taking Thursday and Friday off.  Luckily my dentist rocked and I now have a new crown and just in time.  On Wednesday night Dave and I had two great friends from college that got in from Detroit and Knoxville.  On Thursday morning I woke up early, had a great run, and made breakfast for the guys.  We then drove to Seattle where we got to see our great friends from Milwaukee who were visiting.  Originally they were going to come and visit us but since Dave was going with his friends to ski at Whistler…I know we are all jealous, they had Dave drop me off in Seattle, which was on the way.  Matt and Jen are friends from Milwaukee are amazing.  We both miss them a lot and it was a blast to see them.  They now have two adorable kids, Maggie and Oliver.

I have no idea why I am laughing but this pretty much depicts my happiness.  We were able to have lunch together and visit for awhile.  Dave and his friends left and I spent the rest of the weekend with Matt and Jen.  It was awesome.  We saw the sights, had great food, and great conversation.  I have to confess I choked back some tears when we had to part ways but at least they live close to Chicago so we can see them this summer.

Dave and Oliver – I know it was adorable and Oliver loved Dave and his beard:)

Maggie at the aquarium.  I could not get enough of this girl.

She loved these Hello Kitty bags at the Music Museum.

After I came home I cleaned up and went to bed.  I was exhausted after the weekend.  I woke up bright and early to go running with my friend Jeanette.  We ran together in high school and she is now an amazing runner who just ran the Olympic Marathon time trials.  She is now training for the 10000 for the Olympics.  I know amazing right?  While I can’t do a hard workout with her I can do a long run.  We ran in Forest Park and took a wrong turn so our 14 mile run turned into 16.5 but it was a great run.  It rained the whole time so we were covered with mud but it was great.  I rushed home, cleaned up, went to church, and then came home and got ready for school.  Now I am relaxing and awaiting the husband to come home.  Friends aren’t leaving until Tuesday and tomorrow is the opener for the Timbers so I am sensing a great Monday!


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