A Great Day

Today is a pretty special day.  I know you are probably going to say St. Patrick’s Day but it’s also my mother-in-laws birthday today!  I feel pretty blessed.  Not only do I have an amazing mom who is one of my best friends –

I know my mom looks so young:)  But I also have an amazing mother-in-law!

I even got the chance to live with my mother-in-law while Dave and I were engaged, which was a blast.  We would sit and eat dinner and laugh a lot.  I loved every second and wish we lived closer.  I am so glad that we get to talk and Skype a lot because I really miss her.  Thankfully we got to spend an awesome week together this summer and we’ll continue this next summer.  Both women have profoundly influenced my life and I feel blessed beyond belief.  So Mom Watson we wish we could celebrate with you but we cannot wait to see you this summer and are so grateful for such a wonderful, Godly mom!!!!  Happy Birthday and thank you for being such an awesome mom.

We love you!

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One thought on “A Great Day

  1. Happy birthday to your MIL! So lucky you have an amazing one! And yes your mom looks sooo young!

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