2nd Day of Spring Break

Yesterday was a great start to my Spring Break.  Dave and I both work a lot of hours which causes things like mailing out cards or getting birthday presents to become late.  I hate admitting it but we are not good at this.  Yesterday I got to spend the day cleaning and organizing our lives.  I now have all our family/friends birthdays and anniversaries on one calendar.  Plus I wrote over 8 cards that were in need of sending out.  Sigh hopefully this won’t happen again to us:)  I also organized our files.  Now that we have the house it’s not something I can slack on.  If you know me at all you might think I am pretty neat and organized but it’s actually something I really have to work at.  I think we are getting a start over here at the Watson household.  Last night we were able to video skype with my whole family.  Usually you can only do it with one other person but my brother Derek bought a skype subscription for his web company – which if you need a web designer contact him – http://madebysa.com/  He is awesome:)  We got to skype with my parents, my brother Derek, and my brother Nathan and his wife Emily.  It was awesome and hilarious.  I will say living in Portland is hard sometimes because we are so far away from our families but I thank God we have skype.  So far I have gotten to skype with my whole side and Dave’s brother and wife in the past 3 days.  Not too bad:)  After skype I made a new recipe from 101 cookbooks.  If you have gone to this site you have to.  The author, Heidi, has an emphasis on whole foods and natural ingredients and her vegetarian recipes are amazing.  The recipes also are simple with few ingredients.  I made Stuffed Shells which were amazing.  I used less red pepper flakes which was a good idea and I did not need anymore salt than what she suggested.  This was a great meal and I can’t wait to try another recipe from her.

This morning I got to go on another 11 mile run and made another smoothie:

I used the same ingredients from yesterday only I added a scoop of peanut butter.  Once again it was great.  I am off to the post office to mail everything I wrote up yesterday and then it’s on to downtown for a little shopping and enjoying another day off.


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One thought on “2nd Day of Spring Break

  1. Yay for spring break! It’s so nice to catch up on all those little chores you never want to do on the brief weekend! Sounds like you’re being super productive!

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