Track Workout

This morning I woke up with this on my mind:

A track specifically a track workout.  I am currently training for my 5th marathon.  Normally I just do long runs on the weekend and maybe a random speed or hill workout here or there.  This past marathon I put in a ton of miles and was able to break 3:20 and was really close to breaking 3:10.  I decided that since I was so close I am going to really go for it and actually put in some real training.  So I made a marathon training plan on smart coach through runners world.  I am not going to do everything on it especially the long runs since I know what works best for me but I really like there middle of the week workout.  It vacililates between a tempo run or a track workout.  Last week I did a tempo/interval run.  This week the workout called for 4 X 1600 at a 6:24 pace with 800s rest between each 1600.  So I set off this morning to go to the Cleveland High School track.  Cleveland is one of the many Portland Public Schools High Schools but what makes this track special is that Phil Knight, the Nike guy, donated money to redo the track.  It’s an awesome track and is open to the community.  So I set out and ran a 6:20, 6:22, 6:22, and 6:24.  I was really really happy with those times.  Can’t you tell?

I was really happy because I was done at this point.  I also ran 1.5 miles there and back so it turned into a great workout.  I came home and did some strength training and now I am just relaxing.  The weather has been pretty good for Spring Break although we did have rain yesterday but it’s warm.  I’m off to shower and then grade some tests:)  Make sure to come back here on Friday as I have a great surprise:)  Also I am going to add something for people to become followers since I am noticing I am getting comments from more than my mom and mother-in-law:)

Happy Hump Day!


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4 thoughts on “Track Workout

  1. Very impressive repeat pace! I will be rooting for sub 3:10 for you!

    • Thanks! I am hopeful. Hope your running is going well – I looked at your website and your times are awesome!

  2. Such a speedy workout!! That is awesome!

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