Lazy Saturday Morning

This morning Dave and I slept in and woke up to rain.  Remember when you could sleep in until 9 or 10am?  I definitely used to be able to do that and now sleeping in until 8 is about all I can do:)  We decided to go and get some coffee from Floyd’s Coffee.  We had a google offer…actually 2 of them here so we have finally used one here.  It was still pouring rain so I decided no running for me today.  I try and take at least one day off a week but when it’s nice out that doesn’t always happen.  At the library last week I found a Pure Barre DVD and got it immediately.  I have always wanted to go to a class but they are expensive and in the end I like running a lot better.  I decided to do it today for my cross training exercise.

Wow this workout kicked my butt!  I consider myself to be in pretty good shape due to running and doing strength training or pilates twice a week as well.  This was an incredible workout that I hope will produce a dancer’s body at least that’s what skinnyrunner said:)  What I liked most was that this required no extra supplies although they did have a small ball but I modified this part.  I also felt a burn like no other and can’t wait to do it again.  I definitely recommend this as a quick but effective workout.


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One thought on “Lazy Saturday Morning

  1. I didn’t know they had videos like this! I should see what my library has, maybe that would help me do more yoga / Pilates types stuff.

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