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A long awaited post

Wow it has been way too long since I last posted.  To be honest I have been insanely busy at school and the weather has been really nice on the weekends so Dave and I have been taking advantage of it.  Here are some things that have gone on the last 2 weeks:

This little one turned 3:)  Jude is one of our favorite little boys and his parents, are amazing friends Andrew and Andrea are pretty great too.  Dave and Andrew have been friends since they were kids and the 4 of us spent a lot of time together in college and out of it.  We hate that we are so far from them but luckily we will be in Chicago this summer and can’t wait to see them and their new little one Jace.

This one also had a birthday.  No more listing ages as we get older:)  I hate that my best friends live so far away but how many people have a friend who would leave her grad class just to answer my call:)  I love it and am so proud of everything Hannah and her husband Matt are accomplishing in Baltimore.  I knew Hannah and I were destined to be friends forever when she roomed with me when we were 16 on a mission trip and not only did she tolerate and help with our mutual messiness but she stuck with me through my bathroom problems.  Let’s just say that the plumbing in Hungary was no match for the runner I was then:)  Your Nickle misses you Hannah:)

Isn’t this picture amazing?  These are my cousin’s kids…the newborn, who was born on Sunday, is Micah.  My cousin Jenna is the sister I never had.  We both have 2 brothers that are the same age and no sisters.  We were always friends but once we hit college we became closer than ever and she is truly one of my best friends and my sister:)  I am so proud of her and how much of an amazing mom she is!  Her husband Perry is pretty great too.  I talked to her on Sunday after she had the baby and I asked her how long she got to stay in the hospital.  She said 2 days but she wanted to go home early to see her family.  Amazing right?  What a great mom:)

Dave and I got to see Esperanza Spalding on Wednesday night and it was amazing.  She is an incredible singer who actually grew up in Portland.  I will say though a concert on the weeknight wrecked me.  Let’s just say I can’t do that anymore and Dave and I were in bed really early the next night:)  It was worth it and if you haven’t listened to her you need to.

I have started training pretty intensely for the Newport Marathon which is June 2nd.  If you follow me on Daily Mile you will notice that:)  It’s been going well aside from the track workout I skipped last week.  No way was that happening after my concert.  Today I ran an 18 miler, which was pretty hard.  I am getting a bad cold and I knew it was either today or tomorrow early morning so I stuck it out but I am definitely exhausted today.

I am hoping blog more this next week but I leave you with one more picture of my adorable niece Isla.  She is turning 2 this summer!


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Weekend Times

Once again we had a rainy week but a fantastic weekend with great weather:)  Dave and I started Friday night with a trip to Eastburn,  a restaurant/pub in the Southeast.  We had a google offer that was going to expire soon and decided to use it.  The meal was okay.  I had a veggie burger and salad and Dave had crepes.  Both meals tasted fine but it was hard to tell the overall theme of what the food was trying to be.  Our biggest complaint was the price.  For the price the portions were pretty small.  It was still really nice to try a new place but we probably won’t be back soon.  My favorite part was below.

Those were seats you could sit in…I thought they were hilarious:)

Dave and I woke up Saturday morning around 8 which is really sleeping in for us and went for a 7 mile run.  Dave has been running a lot lately because he is determined to beat me at a 5k in a couple of weeks.  We are both really competitive so it should be hilarious.  I’ll post more once I know what 5k we are going to do.  It was a hilly run but nice and cool out.  We came back and showered and went to a new to us place for brunch.  Dave and I try really hard to only eat out on the weekends and usually only once or twice and this place was definitely worth the wait.  We went to Arleta Library and Cafe which came as a recommendation to us.  The place was awesome and is in our neighborhood.  I had the Spring Vegetable Hash.

This was a vegetarian’s dream and came with broccoli ribe, potatoes, onions, rhubarb and some other vegetables.  It was incredible.  We went and did some errands which included me getting my bridesmaid’s dress for Dave’s sister’s wedding and then we came home to tackle our house.  We did a ton of weeding and trimming and then deep cleaned the house.  Overall a great weekend:)

I tried two new recipes tonight for dinner – Shaved Fennel Salad and Healthy Corn Bread.  Both were great but the Fennel Salad was my favorite.  Incredible.

(Source 101 Cookbooks)

If you have never gone to 101 Cookbooks you need to.  I have never made a bad thing from the author, Heidi and her emphasis on natural ingredients and simple recipes is awesome.

Have a great Monday!  Dave and I both have busy weeks with meetings and work, and I am starting to pick up my training for my next marathon so it’s off to bed early tonight.

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Thursday Update

As much as I try I am seriously failing at blogging during the week.  In my defense this is the last week of the third quarter which has consisted of a lot of grading for me and extra time with my students, including my lunch:)  No worries though I am continually impressed with my students and how hard they work.  I work at a really great school and am excited to see where some of my students go in life.  In other news we had two beautiful days in Portland on Monday and Tuesday and then yesterday it came back…..yep the rain.  I was doing an awesome ab/strength workout that was kicking my butt last night when all of the sudden I hard something pelting our living room window – it was rain.  Crazy intense rain, which is something we do not normally get in Portland.  Here is the link for the ab workout: Ab Workout.  I am always on the lookout for new strength workouts and this one was awesome.  I am really sore in my abs today which I take as a good sign:)  I also did not have the blocks that they had so instead I just used my 5 pound weights which worked out fine.  When I finished that up it was time for dinner.  Dave and I eat pretty healthy due to me being a vegetarian and Dave having pretty bad acid reflex.  We like pasta but like to stay away from acidic and high fat sauces.  I saw a post on Iowa Girl Eats about a Skinny Chicken and Broccoli Alfredo and I was excited to try it.  She used Greek yogurt to lighten it up and it was perfect!

(Source: Iowa Girl Eats)

This did not disappoint and was awesome.  I started with spinach tortellini from Trader Joe’s.  Normally I don’t like pre-made pasta but there’s is made fresh so I get it every so often.  I also substituted asparagus for broccoli and had no chicken.  I did the sauce the same as she suggested and it turned out great. I definitely recommend that you try this.

Happy Thursday!  I have in in-service tomorrow to do grading and a haircut tonight and Dave is getting a special surprise tonight:)

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The Great Tattoo and an Amazing Easter

This weekend has been absolutely wonderful here in Portland.  For the month of March we got the most rainfall Portland has ever had so to say that we were ready for sun was an understatement:)  Well we finally got sun and 60’s for Saturday and Sunday.  It was amazing.  Dave and I also finally got something for one of our guest rooms – a desk.  It’s a nice, but small room that has a door to the outside so the desk we have upstairs was way too big.  We found a skinny one at Ikea and got a chair for it as well as a lamp.  The room is slowly coming around.  I also finally took care of my Christmas present from Dave.

Yep that’s an owl tattoo and yes that is on my back.  Pretty huge but I love it:)  I did not think it would hurt as much as it would and for the first hour and a half I was fine.  Not perfect but after running marathons I have a pretty high pain tolerance.  The last half hour was spent on the shading and it did hurt a lot but it was so worth it.  When I finished I told Dave I was never getting another tattoo:)  I think it was the 2 hours of clenching but now who knows:)  Either way I am a big fan of it and it really has no significance just that I really liked the design.

Today Dave and I celebrated Easter with an awesome 8.6 mile run for me, an amazing church service, a bike and run with Dave him running me biking, and then lunch/dinner at Pok Pok that was awesome.  I rarely talk about this on my blog but my faith is very important to me and Easter is by far one of my favorite holidays because of the significance – Christ has risen was on my mind today and the weather further signified this.  I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter and was able to remember that amazing thing that happened over 2000 years ago.  Now Dave and I are enjoying the evening, I am done with school work for the day and laundry.  Oh and some homemade granola from Julie was made.  I cannot wait to have that this week for breakfast.

Also check back for more posts this week.  I was terrible last week and I will blame it on being back at school after Spring Break:)

Happy Easter

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