The Great Tattoo and an Amazing Easter

This weekend has been absolutely wonderful here in Portland.  For the month of March we got the most rainfall Portland has ever had so to say that we were ready for sun was an understatement:)  Well we finally got sun and 60’s for Saturday and Sunday.  It was amazing.  Dave and I also finally got something for one of our guest rooms – a desk.  It’s a nice, but small room that has a door to the outside so the desk we have upstairs was way too big.  We found a skinny one at Ikea and got a chair for it as well as a lamp.  The room is slowly coming around.  I also finally took care of my Christmas present from Dave.

Yep that’s an owl tattoo and yes that is on my back.  Pretty huge but I love it:)  I did not think it would hurt as much as it would and for the first hour and a half I was fine.  Not perfect but after running marathons I have a pretty high pain tolerance.  The last half hour was spent on the shading and it did hurt a lot but it was so worth it.  When I finished I told Dave I was never getting another tattoo:)  I think it was the 2 hours of clenching but now who knows:)  Either way I am a big fan of it and it really has no significance just that I really liked the design.

Today Dave and I celebrated Easter with an awesome 8.6 mile run for me, an amazing church service, a bike and run with Dave him running me biking, and then lunch/dinner at Pok Pok that was awesome.  I rarely talk about this on my blog but my faith is very important to me and Easter is by far one of my favorite holidays because of the significance – Christ has risen was on my mind today and the weather further signified this.  I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter and was able to remember that amazing thing that happened over 2000 years ago.  Now Dave and I are enjoying the evening, I am done with school work for the day and laundry.  Oh and some homemade granola from Julie was made.  I cannot wait to have that this week for breakfast.

Also check back for more posts this week.  I was terrible last week and I will blame it on being back at school after Spring Break:)

Happy Easter

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3 thoughts on “The Great Tattoo and an Amazing Easter

  1. I LOVE YOUR TATTOO!!!!!! I spent this weekend in Portland and it was sooo lovely. Can it please be like that every day for a while?!?! Happy Easter!

  2. Thanks for the compliment! Do you live near Portland? I am hoping that it stays this warm too:)

  3. Love owls! Such an awesome tattoo.

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