Thursday Update

As much as I try I am seriously failing at blogging during the week.  In my defense this is the last week of the third quarter which has consisted of a lot of grading for me and extra time with my students, including my lunch:)  No worries though I am continually impressed with my students and how hard they work.  I work at a really great school and am excited to see where some of my students go in life.  In other news we had two beautiful days in Portland on Monday and Tuesday and then yesterday it came back…..yep the rain.  I was doing an awesome ab/strength workout that was kicking my butt last night when all of the sudden I hard something pelting our living room window – it was rain.  Crazy intense rain, which is something we do not normally get in Portland.  Here is the link for the ab workout: Ab Workout.  I am always on the lookout for new strength workouts and this one was awesome.  I am really sore in my abs today which I take as a good sign:)  I also did not have the blocks that they had so instead I just used my 5 pound weights which worked out fine.  When I finished that up it was time for dinner.  Dave and I eat pretty healthy due to me being a vegetarian and Dave having pretty bad acid reflex.  We like pasta but like to stay away from acidic and high fat sauces.  I saw a post on Iowa Girl Eats about a Skinny Chicken and Broccoli Alfredo and I was excited to try it.  She used Greek yogurt to lighten it up and it was perfect!

(Source: Iowa Girl Eats)

This did not disappoint and was awesome.  I started with spinach tortellini from Trader Joe’s.  Normally I don’t like pre-made pasta but there’s is made fresh so I get it every so often.  I also substituted asparagus for broccoli and had no chicken.  I did the sauce the same as she suggested and it turned out great. I definitely recommend that you try this.

Happy Thursday!  I have in in-service tomorrow to do grading and a haircut tonight and Dave is getting a special surprise tonight:)

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