Weekend Times

Once again we had a rainy week but a fantastic weekend with great weather:)  Dave and I started Friday night with a trip to Eastburn,  a restaurant/pub in the Southeast.  We had a google offer that was going to expire soon and decided to use it.  The meal was okay.  I had a veggie burger and salad and Dave had crepes.  Both meals tasted fine but it was hard to tell the overall theme of what the food was trying to be.  Our biggest complaint was the price.  For the price the portions were pretty small.  It was still really nice to try a new place but we probably won’t be back soon.  My favorite part was below.

Those were seats you could sit in…I thought they were hilarious:)

Dave and I woke up Saturday morning around 8 which is really sleeping in for us and went for a 7 mile run.  Dave has been running a lot lately because he is determined to beat me at a 5k in a couple of weeks.  We are both really competitive so it should be hilarious.  I’ll post more once I know what 5k we are going to do.  It was a hilly run but nice and cool out.  We came back and showered and went to a new to us place for brunch.  Dave and I try really hard to only eat out on the weekends and usually only once or twice and this place was definitely worth the wait.  We went to Arleta Library and Cafe which came as a recommendation to us.  The place was awesome and is in our neighborhood.  I had the Spring Vegetable Hash.

This was a vegetarian’s dream and came with broccoli ribe, potatoes, onions, rhubarb and some other vegetables.  It was incredible.  We went and did some errands which included me getting my bridesmaid’s dress for Dave’s sister’s wedding and then we came home to tackle our house.  We did a ton of weeding and trimming and then deep cleaned the house.  Overall a great weekend:)

I tried two new recipes tonight for dinner – Shaved Fennel Salad and Healthy Corn Bread.  Both were great but the Fennel Salad was my favorite.  Incredible.

(Source 101 Cookbooks)

If you have never gone to 101 Cookbooks you need to.  I have never made a bad thing from the author, Heidi and her emphasis on natural ingredients and simple recipes is awesome.

Have a great Monday!  Dave and I both have busy weeks with meetings and work, and I am starting to pick up my training for my next marathon so it’s off to bed early tonight.

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2 thoughts on “Weekend Times

  1. That’s awesome that you two are all competitive with each other! What 5k and did you pick? And what’s your next marathon?

    • Not sure what 5k we are thinking of a series here in Portland through the parks system. My next marathon is on June 2nd – the Newport Marathon.

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