A long awaited post

Wow it has been way too long since I last posted.  To be honest I have been insanely busy at school and the weather has been really nice on the weekends so Dave and I have been taking advantage of it.  Here are some things that have gone on the last 2 weeks:

This little one turned 3:)  Jude is one of our favorite little boys and his parents, are amazing friends Andrew and Andrea are pretty great too.  Dave and Andrew have been friends since they were kids and the 4 of us spent a lot of time together in college and out of it.  We hate that we are so far from them but luckily we will be in Chicago this summer and can’t wait to see them and their new little one Jace.

This one also had a birthday.  No more listing ages as we get older:)  I hate that my best friends live so far away but how many people have a friend who would leave her grad class just to answer my call:)  I love it and am so proud of everything Hannah and her husband Matt are accomplishing in Baltimore.  I knew Hannah and I were destined to be friends forever when she roomed with me when we were 16 on a mission trip and not only did she tolerate and help with our mutual messiness but she stuck with me through my bathroom problems.  Let’s just say that the plumbing in Hungary was no match for the runner I was then:)  Your Nickle misses you Hannah:)

Isn’t this picture amazing?  These are my cousin’s kids…the newborn, who was born on Sunday, is Micah.  My cousin Jenna is the sister I never had.  We both have 2 brothers that are the same age and no sisters.  We were always friends but once we hit college we became closer than ever and she is truly one of my best friends and my sister:)  I am so proud of her and how much of an amazing mom she is!  Her husband Perry is pretty great too.  I talked to her on Sunday after she had the baby and I asked her how long she got to stay in the hospital.  She said 2 days but she wanted to go home early to see her family.  Amazing right?  What a great mom:)

Dave and I got to see Esperanza Spalding on Wednesday night and it was amazing.  She is an incredible singer who actually grew up in Portland.  I will say though a concert on the weeknight wrecked me.  Let’s just say I can’t do that anymore and Dave and I were in bed really early the next night:)  It was worth it and if you haven’t listened to her you need to.

I have started training pretty intensely for the Newport Marathon which is June 2nd.  If you follow me on Daily Mile you will notice that:)  It’s been going well aside from the track workout I skipped last week.  No way was that happening after my concert.  Today I ran an 18 miler, which was pretty hard.  I am getting a bad cold and I knew it was either today or tomorrow early morning so I stuck it out but I am definitely exhausted today.

I am hoping blog more this next week but I leave you with one more picture of my adorable niece Isla.  She is turning 2 this summer!


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One thought on “A long awaited post

  1. You have been BUSY! That’s awesome. And YAY for the Newport marathon!!! I definitely want to do this one someday. It’s coming up soon!

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