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My Attempt at Gardening

It has been way too long since I have last posted.  School has just 3 short weeks left and I am feeling it:)  This weekend was a great time of relaxing that we both really needed.  Dave has mostly finished painting our upstairs trim.  It was an eggshell color that was turning a little pink so we refreshed it with some white paint.  It’s a huge job something Dave did awesome at:)  While he did that on Saturday I stuck to the outside.  I weeded, cleaned up debris and transplanted some of my tulips.  I also got my one raised bed ready to be planted in.  I am not the best with plants but I am determined to do better this year.  Thanks to a friend here in Portland and some wise words from the owners of our CSA I decided to stick with seedlings that were already grown instead of the actual seeds.  I did though use seeds for my herb garden and I planted some wildflower seeds.  Here are my results:

ImageDirt for my herb garden


The herb garden complete with sweet basil, chives, and parsley and my wildflowers

ImageMy garden complete with red and green peppers, squash, zucchini, cucumbers, tomatoes, and fennel.


My wild rhubarb

ImageOur roses are starting to bloom


The backyard porch

We still have more we want to do and plant but I am loving what we have so far.  Three day week this week for Dave and I.  I am running my marathon on Saturday at 7am so we are leaving on Friday to drive to the coast.  Hope everyone had a great memorial day and truly remembered those who have served for our country.

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Teacher Appreciation Work

I rarely talk about my job on my blog mainly due to privacy reasons but this is a special week – teacher appreciation week.  I will say that I feel love from my students a lot and do not even need a week but this week has been one of my best ever.  Last week I battled a terrible cold, tired legs from running, and a run down body.  I took Friday off to recover and rest up and came back Monday refreshed and ready to go.  I was greeted with a bunch of cards Monday morning in my mailbox.  I took them up to my classroom not knowing what they were.  I sat there Monday morning with tears streaming down my face.  Yes it was an assignment for a class but those special words from my students meant more to me then they will ever know.  Sometimes being a teacher is a thankless job and to be honest I do not do it for that.  I do it for my love of learning and passing that love on to high school students.  But these cards touched me more than I can ever say.  I sat there knowing that even though it’s tough God has me right where he wants me and I feel extremely privileged to be able to work with each and everyone of the students that I see.  So if you know a teacher…..just let them know that they are appreciated this week.  A small thanks can go so far.


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