Teacher Appreciation Work

I rarely talk about my job on my blog mainly due to privacy reasons but this is a special week – teacher appreciation week.  I will say that I feel love from my students a lot and do not even need a week but this week has been one of my best ever.  Last week I battled a terrible cold, tired legs from running, and a run down body.  I took Friday off to recover and rest up and came back Monday refreshed and ready to go.  I was greeted with a bunch of cards Monday morning in my mailbox.  I took them up to my classroom not knowing what they were.  I sat there Monday morning with tears streaming down my face.  Yes it was an assignment for a class but those special words from my students meant more to me then they will ever know.  Sometimes being a teacher is a thankless job and to be honest I do not do it for that.  I do it for my love of learning and passing that love on to high school students.  But these cards touched me more than I can ever say.  I sat there knowing that even though it’s tough God has me right where he wants me and I feel extremely privileged to be able to work with each and everyone of the students that I see.  So if you know a teacher…..just let them know that they are appreciated this week.  A small thanks can go so far.


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One thought on “Teacher Appreciation Work

  1. I’m sure you are an amazing teacher! I used to teach 3rd grade and really miss it!

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