Newport Marathon

Well it happened today – the marathon that is.   I have now ran 5 marathons which is a lot for me.  Running has always been a part of my life and something I kind of fell into.  I started running because my gym teacher told me I was good at it.  Turns out he was right and I did cross country and track in high school.  I thought for sure that I would run at college and even met with the coach, who was Dave and his brother’s coach and a fellow teacher when I did my student teaching.  My senior year I got burned out really quick and really fast and knew college running wasn’t for me.  I still finished the year running in high school and I still ran all through college but I really thought I was done.  I ended up signing up for the Chicago Marathon with my best friend and the rest is history.  I started with a 3:35 at the Chicago Marathon which was good enough for a Boston Marathon qualifier where I ran a 3:20.  I then ran that same time at the Seattle Marathon and then I ran 3:13 at Portland this past year.  I loved Portland but each time the marathon and the training gets a little bit harder.  I decided to sign up for the Newport Marathon which was on the coast in Newport, OR.

Dave and I love the coast so I did have some selfish reasons for going here:)  We went up on Friday and explored the town.

There is something about the ocean and it’s beauty that reminds me of how awesome our God is and what he creates.  We had a blast and even were able to grill out for dinner.  I was a basket case but by now I think Dave just expects that.  I got up at 5am and took a shuttle to the start.  I really had no idea what to expect.  I really wanted to break 3:10 but I just wasn’t sure.  I have had a pretty rough couple of weeks including my great grandma dying this past Thursday which was expected but still no easier for anyone.  It’s the end of the year at school so I honestly just wanted to go out and enjoy the race and take in the amazing ocean.  I started out with what I thought was too fast and was even in first for a little bit:)  I held on though and finished 9th overall woman with a 3:08:51.  I was ecstatic and am so thankful that I can do stuff like this.  My body is really really sore right now but a good sore.  I think I am done with marathons for a little bit.  Not done with running…..come on half of my blog posts are about running:)  But I am thinking of trying some shorter races like a half marathon so the training is not so time consuming.  Overall Dave and I had a great little getaway and just enjoy the coast.  It is truly like no other place I have ever been.

Thanks for letting me talk about my marathon:)  Happy Saturday.

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One thought on “Newport Marathon

  1. Looks great! I was talking to David and he had to go because he was climbing! Looks like a fantastic place to have a race:)

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