Congrats and The Olympic Trials

First a quick congrats to these two who are getting married today:

Hated that I couldn’t be here to watch them get married but it’s a beautiful day in Michigan while yes it’s raining in Oregon.  Meg and I have known each other for years and despite running and competing against each other we have remained great friends.  Best of luck to her and Matt.

Anyone else watch the Olympic Track Trials which are in Eugene?  I am that person who check twitter for all the updates last night, have been checking the official schedule and results, watched videos, and read the live feed from runners world.  Don’t worry I have updated Dave which he has thoroughly enjoyed:)  Last night was the final for the women’s and men’s 10,000.  I was pretty confident about the woman’s and who would win and was really excited about Lisa Uhl.  She is a definite up and commer who I think will do great things.  The men’s is where I was really interested as my favorite male runner, Dathan Ritzenhein was trying to qualify for his third Olympic team.  He missed qualifying with the marathon by getting 4th place.  I have watched Dathan running since I was in high school and would watch him in local races.  I even got to meet him which was pretty hilarious.  Even then I knew he was going to be amazing.  I had a friend in college who was friends with him and thought it was hilarious how I would follow him but hey he’s a local Michigan runner.  He now lives out here in Portland with his wife who I ran against in high school and his two kids.  He has had countless injuries but still goes at it.  This along with his faith has only made his story even more appealing to me.  Last night he finished third and with an Olympic qualifying A time!!

That’s Matt Tegankamp in front of him, who went to the University of Madison and is an awesome runner.  The winner was Galen Rupp who actually grew up in Oregon and went to Central Catholic High School in Portland.  Way to represent:)  I am beyond excited for the Olympics if you can’t tell and can’t wait for the Marathon especially after Kara Goucher’s amazing half marathon performance last weekend and for Shalane and Desiree to compete.  I am seeing big things for the men and women this year.

It’s a rainy day in Portland today so it looks like we’ll be doing some inside house projects and relaxing.  Back tomorrow as it’s a special day for Dave and I:)

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