It’s been awhile

Wow I haven’t posted in a couple of weeks but I have been embracing summer:)  As a high school teacher summer is amazing especially after how busy my school year was at the end.  Dave and I have been busy doing stuff around our house and have been doing yard work which I secretly enjoy.  Shhh don’t tell Dave.  Dave also started a project in our upstairs.  All we wanted to do was change our trim from eggshell to white.  No big deal right?  Well it turned into a huge project which included painting the doors, window frames, cabinets, and banister and changing out the outlets.  A huge project but we are just about done.  Dave and I had an awesome 4th of July where we went hiking at Mt. St. Helens which was incredible.  This past weekend we got to see two of our favorite Portland people get married.

Ciara actually lived with Dave and I for a couple of months so we had the privilege to get to know her and Ryan really well.  On Monday morning I got up bright and early like 3am early and went to the airport to go to Palm Springs, California.  Why you ask?  Well I volunteered to go for my school to a conference put on by Pearson, an educational company, about Common Core.  We are changing from state to National standards so Pearson paid for everyone to come here.  I flew from Portland to Salt Lake City and then from Salt Lake to Palm Springs.  I got off the plane and was greeted by a blast of hot desert air.  It is beautiful here, hot but amazing.

The mountains are so different than the ones we have in Portland.  I was checked into the JW Marriot Resort which is amazing by 1:00 so I took off to the fitness center for a treadmill run.  I knew I wasn’t going outside in that weather.  After I hit up the pool.

Side note – I put this on instagram and got several likes and a comment from my husband about my toes.  Let’s just say this last marathon wasn’t to hot on my toenails and I am down 3 of them.  Gross right?  Oh well nothing a little nail polish can’t hide:)  The week has been great.  I have gotten up early to run every morning solely because if I am not out by 5:30am it’s 90 degrees out by 7:)  I went not knowing anyone but luckily I saw some teachers from a local high school and they have let me hang out with them all week.  A little out of my comfort zone but I am getting a lot better and just doing stuff and getting out there.  Here are some other pictures I have taken during the week.

Pool Time

More Pool Time

What I see on my run

My hotel – the lobby

The river inside the lobby

Just some flamingos hanging out at the front

Took a walk and saw this view – amazing.

Don’t worry it hasn’t been all play.  I have attended morning and afternoon sessions but I am glad we are free mid-afternoon just to hang out.  I miss Dave – shocker I know:)  But I feel very honored to have been able to come to this conference and be here.  By far the best education conference location I have ever been too.  Today’s my last day and tomorrow I get back to Portland at around 4:30.  Then it’s back to real life and next week I start summer school for 3 weeks.  Don’t worry it’s only 3 hours a day so I will still be living my summer dream:)  Also one last piece of information.  I received some terrible news on Tuesday that the family dog had to be put to sleep.  While it was devastating especially for my mom he’s not suffering and this is better.  Buddy was a crazy schnauzer but we loved him so much.  I remember getting ready to go to college and the summer before Nathan, my younger brother bought the dog.  I always thought I wouldn’t connect with him since I wasn’t always home but I loved that dog and he always remembered me it was crazy.  Even after I was gone for over a year and a half when I came back last fall he jumped into my arms.  The only picture I have is from my phone so it’s not that great so I thought I would include this picture of our old dog Elsie and Buddy.

Buddy and Elsie at Christmas Time

Long live Buddy you are missed!



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